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Time to reboot yourself! This website is designed to help people reinvent themselves.  We offer resources, examples, stories, inspiration and information to help you make a transition to your next career. Come on in — the rebooting’s fine!

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Who are these people? — Rebooters are people who have reinvented themselves after ending one career, and are now fully engaged in pursuing a new career. Read more

The purpose of this site
Test your readiness — How ready are you to reboot? Take our Rebooter Quiz and find out.

The Top Ten — Need a reason to reboot? How about 10 of them? Here they are.

Let others know about RebootYou — Know somebody who has rebooted, and whose story might be an inspiration to others? Let them know about this site and invite them to share their experience. Check the Rebooter Stories link for some great reinvention stories.

Submit your story — Have you rebooted? We’d like to tell your story along with the stories of others who’ve reinvented themselves. To tell us about yourself, simply click here for a user-friendly template. Give us the basics, we’ll smooth it out for you and send it back for your final approval, then we’ll post it.

Learning curve — Which way is your learning curve pointing? Up, down or sideways? Are you still learning new things? Read how one rebooter had a blinding glimpse of the obvious about his learning curve.

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Rebootyou power buttonFeatured Resource — Finding a Personal Coach

Many people find that working with a personal or life coach is very helpful in achieving their goals.

A coach can help you see options for becoming a more effective human being. Coaching helps individuals invent changes that are valuable, exciting and intensely personal.

Finding the right coach requires some homework and common sense. You’ll find plenty of helpful information in our Resources section by clicking here.

Connecting the Dots
Lee Callaway
The purpose of this blog is to talk about current trends, events and commentary that pertain to reinvention and rebooting, to connect the dots between thinking or talking about rebooting and actually doing it. I hope you’ll join in the discussion.

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