Encore — A “User’s Manual” for Rebooters

Encore GuideRebootyou power button Encore: A Guide for Discovering What’s Next in Your Life

This is a short (24 pages) but provocative booklet written to guide those making a transition to a new stage of life. Written by Alice Faron of Champaign, IL (see > Rebooter Stories > Alice Faron), Encore offers prompts and thoughtful questions and issues that will help you discover new insights into the possibilities of your future.

Some of the key topics covered in Encore are: emotional index, happiness, issues facing Baby Boomers, a “possibility primer,” discovering your niche and dream scenarios.

The booklet does not provide answers. It provides questions to which you provide answers. It will make you think, and it reveal things to you about yourself that you may not have been consciously aware of.

For more information and pricing, you can reach Alice by e-mail at

Encore! Encore!

There are two important resources mentioned on that share the name “Encore.” I want to make sure the distinction is clear:

There is “Encore” the reinvention self-help guide developed by Alice Faron, a short but provocative booklet that asks insightful questions for you to answer and discover what your true passions are. It’s described elsewhere on the site at Alice’s Rebooter Story can be read at

And there is (, an affiliate of Civic Ventures ( is dedicated to providing pathways for people to pursue paid “encore careers” in education, health care, environmental protection and other social services. works both online and offline. On the Web, members share their stories, their ideas and their challenges. On the ground, the community includes nonprofits, companies, colleges and other organizations that help people explore, prepare and launch their encore careers.

There is no affiliation between the two Encores, but I am pleased to be able to describe both of them on this website.

I know what you’re thinking: “You can say that again!”

Last revised August 2007


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