Finding a lawyer

As you prepare to reboot, you may find that you need the services of a lawyer. This is especially true if you decide to start a business.

Lawyers can advise you on the form your business should take (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, limited liability corporation, etc. For a description of the various business structures, click here) Lawyers can also provide advice on trademark and patent searches and other important aspects of running a business.

To find a lawyer, most people would probably turn first to a friend who is an attorney, or to a trusted adviser who could suggest a name or two. On the two most recent occasions when I’ve needed one — when I decided to incorporate Callaway & Associates, my consulting business, and when I set up this website, I asked friends for referrals, and both times the recommended person worked out perfectly. When you go to someone you know and respect, a trust factor is already built in.

Whether you have a trusted source to ask for attorney references or not, you may also want to check other sources. Here are some for your consideration:

The American Bar Association website,, has a wealth of information to help you find a lawyer or get legal help. At the ABA home page, click on “Find Legal Help” in the left hand navigation bar. This will take you to a map of the United States, where you can click on any state for state-specific information. Each state has the following information:

  • Find a lawyer
    • Lawyer referral
    • Other ways to find a lawyer
    • Free legal help for low income people
  • Find legal information
    • Legal information
    • Self-help
    • Court information
  • Using a lawyer
    • Lawyer licensing
    • Trouble with a lawyer

www.lawyers.comA free service from Martindale-Hubbard, publisher of the Martindale-Hubbard Law Directory, one of the most complete sources of information on lawyers available anywhere. is designed specifically for individuals and small businesses and provides:

  • Accurate and reliable profiles of 440,000 attorneys and firms worldwide.
  • Complete Lawyer HomePages Web sites for law firms featuring details such as practice focus, professional credentials, fees, office hours and directions.
  • A wealth of information to help users better understand the law, make more informed personal legal choices and identify high quality legal representation.
  • Helpful tips on how to select an attorney, an interactive "Ask a Lawyer" forum for submitting questions, consumer friendly explanations of major areas of law, articles on current legal topics, links to legal resources on the web, a glossary of 10,000 legal terms, and more.

Attorney Find claims to be the oldest legal directory on the Internet and has been providing U.S. and international consumers and businesses with legal resources, information and attorney directory listings for more than 10 years.

Do you have another source or tips for finding a personal lawyer? Let us hear from you. Drop an e-mail to

Last revised August 2007


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