Rebooter Quiz

Use the following quiz to determine how ready you are to reboot. Check the choice that applies to you for each attribute and your readiness will be calculated automatically when you complete the quiz.

Your glass is half empty; you think you're old; you are old.
Your glass has water but some is gone; you're worried about getting old.
Your glass is half full; you're not really young, but you're definitely not old.
Your long term plan is tuna for lunch.
You rarely set over-the-horizon goals.
You had a Life List of things to do before it became trendy.
Your personal learning curve has been trending down since age 21.
You have limited curiosity; don't own binoculars, rarely surf the Web.
You stand in the highway of new ideas and let them run over you.
In your life nothing is broken, so you're not fixing anything.
You cleaned out garage last year; next year, the attic.
You sometime wear friends out with your tirelessness.
You let spouse walk the dog.
You walk the dog.
You run with the dog.
You hate change; you strongly prefer the familiar and known.
You resist change, but occasionally surprise yourself and enjoy it.
You engage in deliberate positive change and 'repotting'.
You have high blood pressure and you're overweight.
You need to lose a few pounds, but you're not obese. Yet.
You're in excellent health, one of those people who 'never gets sick.'
You stay home, never visit new places.
You go to local 'sights' only with out-of-town visitors.
You keep moving, like to travel, love finding new restaurants.
You brag a lot, although you have little to brag about.
You're generous sometimes, but have difficulty putting self in others' shoes.
You're always doing something for others.
Sense of humor
You rarely laugh, never joke around.
You like a good joke but don't like telling them.
You laugh a lot, find humor in the zaniness of everyday life.

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