Going back to school

I’ve gone back to graduate school twice since getting an undergraduate degree (see The Learning Curve elsewhere on this site) and have found it to be a bracing, reinvigorating and recharging experience.

One of my mentors and role models, the late Archie K. Davis of Winston-Salem, NC, was an inspiration for me to continue learning and the first real rebooter I knew (see Archie Davis, Rebooter, elsewhere on this site).

Reasons for going back to schoolThere are a lot of good reasons to go back to school (see below) and a lot of ways and places to do it (see Find A School)."

  • To brush up on something old. As Archie Davis said, going back to the classroom in a familiar field can still be refreshing. Catch up on the latest research. Find out what thinkers on the leading edge are talking about today.
  • To re-learn what you knew once, but have forgotten. Revisit old battlefields, drive down old literary byways, reconsider the great philosophies. What the heck, brush up on your math so you can figure out the angles to build that gazebo in your back yard.
  • To simply exercise your brain cells. You may want to just “go stand in the highway of ideas and let them run over you.” You might be amazed at the new horizons that open up to you. I believe that the old adage about your physical body, “Use it or lose it,” is true for your brain as well.
  • To learn something new. A lot has happened since you graduated. I’m reminded of a comment made by a college classmate when were back on the campus for our 35th reunion. Three of us were walking across the campus. One said, “Gee, I don’t remember these trees being so tall when we were here.” The second replied: “Duh, they weren’t. They’ve been growing for 35 years.”

Have you been growing since you left school?

Last revised August 2007


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