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You may want to look into a program offered by the Hudson Institute called ThirdLaunch. Here’s a brief description from their website:

Our ThirdLaunch program is designed for professionals in their late 50's, 60's, 70's and beyond who are at that crossroads when the work role is shifting in importance and the road ahead is not yet mapped out. It is a program for those who want to look at the chapters ahead and plan for a new way of being in the later years.

This program will help you focus your passion and purpose for this stage in life, and then create some bold new experiments for the chapters ahead. Once you've tried out your plans, you will land on the synergy that uncovers your deepest passions at this time in your life.

The program includes a 4-day onsite seminar at an ocean front hotel in Santa Barbara, CA, and three months of follow-up coaching. Tuition is $3,500.

To learn more, click here:

Additional resources for renewal

Check Mediabistro ( This is an online audio presentation on “putting your career dreams into action.” Three recorded audio lectures of 40-55 minutes each, for people interested in making a career change, by career coach Pamela Mitchell, with an accompanying workbook. Cost is $79 ($68 for members of AvantGuild,’s premium membership association.) Pamela Mitchell is the CEO and chief vision officer for The Reinvention Institute (, which offers classes and information aimed at helping people transform their careers. Mediabistro is dedicated to people who create or work with content, or who are non-creative professionals working in a content/creative industry (editors, writers, producers, etc.) The company’s mission is to provide opportunities to meet, share resources, become informed of job opportunities and interesting projects and news, improve career skills, and showcase work.

General Reinvention

For more general reinvention, we suggest (no connection with This website offers self-improvement, stress relief and personal development tips, tools and strategies. It suggests ways of taking control of your life, finding new alternatives, and starting in a new direction. Here you will find advice, resources and training for stress relief, goal setting, health and fitness, time management, organization and clutter control, and relationship advice. is run by David Caban, a technology specialist, personal development trainer and information publisher based in Cleveland, Ohio.

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