Let us share your reinvention story

If you’ve already launched your next phase, wants to hear your story and share it with others in the Rebooting community.

To start the sharing process, please click here. After a procedural step, you’ll arrive at an easy-to-use form you can fill in with the essential details of what you’ve done. will edit the information and e-mail it back to you in story form. You read it, tweak it to your satisfaction, and e-mail it back to

With your approval and consent, it will soon be on its way to publication in the “Rebooter Stories” section of the website.

You’re justifiably proud of your self-reinvention, and there are probably many others who would like to hear what you’ve done. Use as a forum to tell your story.

You may be the inspiration for one rebooter, or many. And if you are still on the fence, you may find inspiration from the stories of those who have already rebooted.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Last revised August 2007


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