This website is for people who decide to make a change in their lives, to head down the road toward something new — to reboot.

Most fundamentally, it’s about a change in your view of the world and your place in it. Maybe a change of occupation, a new passion, a new direction – or all the above. How you think about your physical health, and what you do to protect or strengthen it. A decision to take up art, music, dance or meditation. A change in how you view your community, or the environment, or those less fortunate than you. A change in what you embrace and what you let go.

Rebooting is not always easy. At, we want to help – to provide encouragement, inspiration, suggestions, and examples of others who’ve rebooted. We want to give you the courage to make the change you’re thinking about, to go ahead and take the plunge.

Today we’re overloaded with information about everything under the sun, including reinvention. We don’t try to replicate it all here. What we do is offer links and references to specific websites and other sources of information and assistance that we think will be most helpful.

We will be successful if you leave this website saying to yourself, “OK, I’m ready. I’m diving in and giving it my best effort. It’s going to be challenging but exciting – and fun. It’s time for me to reboot.”

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We are all facing a rebooting en masse post-pandemic. A lot of what used to be normal will no longer apply. Faced with changes we can’t fully imagine right now, we need to venture out with a positive attitude. “Woe is us” won’t do.

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