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What’s your dream?

Rebooters are dreamers.

A lawyer dreams about becoming an oil painter. A dentist dreams about dedicated public service. A bank executive dreams about going back to school. A tech expert dreams about starting a business that has something to do with rabbits.

And then they do it.

You may have a dream about something you want to do. RebootYou wants to encourage, urge, and inspire you to do it.

You can read stories about each of the rebooters described above by clicking on “Rebooter Stories” in the top menu and the individual stories in the dropdown menu.

Rebooting doesn’t just happen randomly. It arises from a purpose, often one only dreamed about for a long time.

Are you a dreamer? If you are, then become a rebooter and act on your dream.

You have to get up

When you’re sleeping peacefully, the last thing you want to hear is, “You have to get up.”

When you were a kid, it was your mom or dad. Later, if you were in the military, it may have been reveille or a drill instructor, although the DI probably phrased it differently.

Today it may be your spouse telling you that you have to get up because it’s Saturday and you’ve got a lot of errands to run (and don’t forget your mask).

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Now I’m going to tell you (or gently suggest) that you have to get up. To reboot, you have to get up — up off the couch, whether it’s a real couch or a metaphorical one. You have to stand up and move and act.

You also have to get “up” in the sense of being up for doing something. “Yes, I’m up for that.”

Once you decide to reinvent yourself, it’s going to take a little work. You’ve got to do something. And you’ve got to be up for it.

There are many ideas and suggestions on this website for that “something” you need to do. Look around and set your imagination running.  Check out “Why Reboot” for some thought starters.

And yes, rebooting is tougher in the time of pandemic. But you know what they say – when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

So it’s time to GET UP! Get up off your… couch 😊and reinvent yourself! You’ll be glad you did!

Venturing out with a positive attitude

Rebooters are optimists.

Almost by definition, I’d say. Most of the time, when we make a big change in life we’re doing so because we believe it will be for the better. Even if we’re rebooting from a negative experience or because we got some bad news, when we decide on our new course, we’re upbeat.

Our reinvention may be major, like a job change, or relatively minor, like taking up a new hobby. Either way, we’re making the change willingly, eagerly, with anticipation of a positive outcome. We’re optimistic things will go well. We don’t go into it thinking, “Man, this is really going to turn out poorly.”

“Here I go”

I bring this up because we are all facing a rebooting en masse post-pandemic. A lot of what used to be normal will no longer apply. Faced with changes we can’t fully imagine right now, we need to venture out with a positive attitude. “Woe is us” won’t do. We need to go forward with Albert Brooks’ philosophy: “I don’t think the object is to have no fear; it’s to exist with fear. The best combination is to say, ‘This is scary and here I go.’”

A colleague, Barbara Fagan-Smith, CEO of ROI Communication, put it well in her blog at LivingROI: “May we walk into the new world with bigger lives—more love, compassion, courage, determination, vision and gratitude.”



Uncomplicating our lives


We’re fond of saying, “I don’t have any.” Or enough to do whatever.

But everybody gets the same allotment. It’s what we do with our share that makes a difference. The idea is not to waste any of it. Or as little as possible.

Google “how to avoid wasting time” and you get 74,400,000 results. That’s 74 million. Like the irony of a book titled “25 Easy Ways to Uncomplicate Your Life.”

Millions of us were given one very simple way to uncomplicate our lives when we were ordered to stay inside our houses. For weeks on end.

The big “aha” for me, here in my eighth week, is a new appreciation for the value of time, the ease of wasting it, and the challenge in using it wisely.

How have you used your shelter-in-place time? Share your time-using strategies at info@rebootyou.com.


It’s still a good idea

I’m writing this in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic.

I started RebootYou 13 years ago, in 2007, before the crash of 2008 and while things were, well, “normal.” The original concept was to help people recently retired get back to being productive instead of sitting on the couch.

My assumptions were (1) that there was this huge wave of Baby Boomers starting to retire and (2) there were ample opportunities for staying active and engaged in something rewarding after retirement, maybe even gainful employment– perhaps at a slower pace or a different type of job.

Every generation needs a post-pandemic reboot

The Boomer wave is still in full flow – the youngest boomers will hit age 65 in about nine more years. The second assumption has been proven wrong twice. The Great Recession ended it the first time. The second halt came this year with the coronavirus pandemic.

Today, for millions of people, there are not even opportunities to get out and do their regular jobs, let alone find new or additional jobs. Those who’ve been furloughed or laid off would all like to reboot themselves back to their pre-pandemic employment. Retirees who haven’t rebooted are now hardly able to go out of the house for a walk around the block, let alone look for an encore job.

So now our immediate task is to reboot ourselves after covid-19 is slowed enough to venture out safely. The original premise of RebootYou is being renewed, refreshed and broadened to include reinventions at any age, not just 65. I believe it’s still a very good idea.

What are some new challenges we’ll face when we go from Condition Red to Condition Yellow (Green not in the picture right now)? Share your thoughts here: info@rebootyou.com.


Tell us what you’re doing

We’d love to hear what you’re thinking about for reinventing yourself and helping your community. Reply at mailto:info@rebootyou.com. I’ll publish the best of your ideas here.