How to reboot

Talk about opportunities!

There are as many opportunities to reboot as there are rebooters. Can’t decide which way to turn or what to do? To start your thinking, we offer about 100 possibilities in 14 categories of things you could do. The list is far from exhaustive, it’s just kindling for your fire. We hope you’ll find an ignition spark here!

Back to workEnvironmental
Back to schoolSchool volunteer
Volunteer serviceEntertainer
Community activitiesAnimal care
Elder careCreative pursuits

Go back to work

For somebody else

  • In the same field
    • For the same company
    • For a competitor
  • In a new field
    • Follow your passion

For yourself

  • Become a consultant
  • Start a vineyard and winery
  • Learn to be a life coach
  • Make your hobby a business (see Creative Pursuits below)
  • Start a website!

Go back to school

  • At a community college
  • At a technical school
  • Take a course at a community center
  • Go big — enroll at a 4-year college
  • Take special university courses
  • Download
  • Learn at
  • Stretch your mind with MIT Opencourseware
  • Download at Academic Earth


  • Be a library assistant
  • Help special needs kids
  • Help the homeless – or one homeless person
  • Help rehabilitate prison inmates
  • Become a museum docent
  • Join an alumni group
  • Join the Salvation Army
  • Do fundraising


  • As an elementary school asssitant
  • At the college level…
    • Apply to teach online
  • Teach what you know from personal experience:
    • Flying, scuba, rock climbing, crafts, photography, video
  • Share your computer skills and knowledge:
    • Coding
    • Website design and building
    • Technical support
    • Troubleshooting


  • Can you sing? Join the choir
  • Help maintain the building and grounds
  • Teach Sunday school
  • Musically talented? – Join the praise band
  • Do outreach for the church
  • Help provide senior care
  • Join a small study group

Community activities

  • Run for elective office
  • Help veterans
  • Help the homeless
  • Help with prison inmate rehabilitation
  • Support or volunteer at a Foodbank
  • Become a volunteer fireman
  • You could be a school crossing guard
  • Volunteer as a non-medical assistant at a hospital
  • Volunteer to help clean up parks
  • Organize or join eighborhood communications/gatherings

Elder care

  • Do visitation
  • Provide transportation
  • Deliver meals
  • Offer shopping assistance


  • Distribute educational materials
  • Join an advocacy organization
  • Join a preservation organization
  • Be a part of cleanup groups
  • Raise money for environmental causes
  • Do outreach and communication for local environmental groups

School volunteer

  • Become active in the PTA
  • Assist at the school library
  • Volunteer to assist with after school activities
  • Be a lunchroom assistant
  • Raise funds for your school
  • Tutor a young student
  • Be a sports assistant
  • Offer special interest group assistance


  • Sing for others:
    • In a choral group
    • As a soloist
    • As a rapper
  • Play a musical instrument? Play for others
  • Join a dance group – ballet, square dancing, clog dancing, Irish jig dancing
  • Be the standup comic/clown you’ve always known you were
  • Speak about what you know to civic clubs, nursing homes
  • You were born for the stage. Try out for a role in a community theater play


  • Become a non-medical hospital volunteer         
  • Offer nutritional advice or counseling
  • You’re a physical fitness expert – train others in what you know
  • Be a companion runner/walker for people who are visually impaired or differently-abled
  • Become active in a health advocacy organization (Lung Assn., Heart Assn., etc.)
  • Health communications – offer public relations, staff communications to your local clinic
  • Volunteer to provide other service to your clinic


  • Become a park volunteer 
  • Learn to be a trail guide
  • Volunteer at a nature center
  • Offer seminars in fields where you are knowledgable
  • Lead nature walks

Animal care

  • Volunteer at the SPCA or an animal shelter
  • Be an adoption organization volunteer            
  • Learn to be a veterinarian assistant
  • Walk dogs for friends and neighbors
  • Make animal treats for your own or others’ pets  (baking, cooking, mixing, etc.)
  • Be an animal control volunteer

Creative pursuits

  • Writing
  • Painting – oil, watercolor, tempera, charcoal
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Pottery
  • Clay portraits
  • Sculpture
  • Model building and collecting – cars, planes, trains
  • Knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, sewing, cross-stitching, embroidery
  • Cooking, baking, brewing
  • Bonsai, miniature trees
  • Origami

What else can you think of? Give it a shot. Tell us about it so we can add it to our list!