Rebooter stories

“To be a person is to have a story to tell.”

— Isak Dinesen (Karen Blixen), author of Out of Africa and other novels

RebootYou can provide you with facts about how to reinvent yourself and logic about why you should, but what really matters is doing it. These are stories of people who had a realization that something more was possible, then took action.

Rebooter Stories are the heart of this website, and of the whole reinvention idea. The stories of Doug, Charley, Richard, Ella, Denis, Don, and the others on the site are what bring reinvention to life and gives it meaning. The story of how I was fired, then later realized I had discovered some building blocks for reinvention, is how I explain rebooting to others.

I invite you to read the stories of these Rebooters, enjoy and celebrate their lives, and consider telling your own story on these pages.

–Lee Callaway


Frank Casale – Mailman for 35 years, several medical issues, rebooted by slowing down and learning to appreciate the simple gift of life.

Ella Chan – IT ace, decided she’d had enough technology, opened her own business based on bunnies.

Shirlee Cunningham – A life of many reboots, culminating as an acclaimed artist and nomination to the famed art organization, the Salmagundi Club, in New York

Archie Davis – Nationally recognized business executive and industry leader, went back to school after retiring to get Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in history.

Ivan A. Deveson – Top executive for two automobile companies in Australia, former Lord Mayor of Melbourne, now rebooting for intellectual stimulation

John (Anonymous) – Rebooted in business, coped with life’s hard lessons, took up a new creative pursuit and rekindled a romance

Charley Kelso – Labor lawyer, farmed pecan trees on weekends, now creates beautiful works of art with oil paints.

Richard Lee – Retired philosophy professor at Trinity College, longtime runner, now practices and instructs in Tai Chi.

Denis Lowry – Engineer, financial analyst, never stopped seeking answers to life’s questions

Frank Mathews – Dentist, went from private practice to director of county dental health, established first-of-kind clinics, honored for public service.

Gene O’Kelly – Given 100 days to live, he decided to reboot and write the story of his own death.

Don Parkinson – Executive in two industries, retired twice, rebooted twice, took on major state cabinet position at age 72

Louis Pruitt – Served in the federal government for 50 years, with many stops and many reboots.

Tom Shaver – A “car guy” for 39 years, he rebooted twice – as a consultant and again as a photographer/videographer

Barry Sorrells – Orthopedic surgeon, developed revolutionary knee replacement surgery, established an institute to teach medical school students life skills

Dawn Speed – Decided to take a risk, embraced change, and embarked on a new path and a new home

Doug Sudduth – Rebooted to become a noted photographer, singer, and member of several barbershop quartets.

Lee Callaway – Practicing rebooting as a way to stay alive

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