Why reboot?

The computer dictionary defines “rebooting” as restarting a computer’s operating system. That’s a good description of what you are about to do – only this time the computer is you. You’re preparing to reboot yourself. 

You’re at another crossroad in your life, and you’re about to make a choice. You may be nervous about the decision and looking for reinforcement that what you’re contemplating makes good sense.

What does it take to reboot?

The most important requirement is simple — the desire to do so. The second most important requirement is belief in yourself — confidence that you can do it.

It helps to have a degree of financial stability, if not complete financial independence.

You also need some willingness to take a risk, even at an age when it’s not “fashionable” to take risks. And encouragement from loved ones, family, friends and maybe people you don’t even know.

It will help, too, to have a healthy dose of humility, a willingness to start over, maybe at or near the bottom (see Archie Davis’ story at http://rebootyou.com/rebooter-stories/ ) You need to be willing to acknowledge what you don’t know and become a learner again.

And a little planning is definitely required.

If you’ve got a few of these ingredients, this website will provide ideas on how to do it and inspiration and encouragement from those who’ve done it.

Here’s a short list of answers to “why” :

Ten Good Reasons to Reboot Yourself

Giving/taking –

  • “I’ve made all I need to make, and I want to give something back.” 
  • “I’m not finished earning money yet.”

Plan to live long/life is short –

  • “I plan to live a long time and I want to be active all the way.” 
  • “I might have only a few good years left, and I don’t want to spend them just sitting around.” 

Avoiding boredom/pursuing passion –

  • “I’ve got time on my hands and I get bored easily.” 
  • Now I’ve got time to do what I’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have – or take – the time to do.” 

Prove to myself/prove to others –

  • Reinventing myself is another way of proving to myself that I can do it.
  • I’ll show those who say I can’t do this.

Want to work/have to/work –

  • I’ve always been a self-starter, an over-achiever, a stay-busy, start-something-new kind of person.
  • I need to keep working because I don’t have enough savings or investments to support myself

Does one (or more) of these reasons fit you? If not, you may have others. We’d love to hear your ideas. Click on “Contact” and drop us a note.